drive shafts

Kempf articulated shafts transmit the torque reliably from the drive to the output, even at a large bending angle.

Characteristics of Kempf joint shafts

• Use of alloyed insert and tempering steels and high-strength machine constructions characterized by the highest torsional stiffness and high load capacity.
• Use of forgings and castings to maximize their materials, weights and geometries for use as joint shaft components through finite element simulations and our decades of experience.
• Over the whole range of the range, the finest-ground rolling bearing surfaces, as required in superfinish design. Extremely high accuracy of rheometry and highest form accuracy by using rigid workpieces. High-quality materials guarantee a high level of wear resistance, heat treatment according to the tried-and-tested hardening of the material, or particularly high requirements due to carbonitriding.
• Unidirectional bearing holes for best, even load distribution in the joint cross bearing, minimal deformation under maximum load.
• high production depth
• High-strength, optimized welded joints by means of sub-powder welding, low hardening of the weld, no burn-in notches at all, slight deformation, the basic materials are only insignificantly influenced by their mechanical properties. All welding procedures are certified by DVS.
• low-maintenance or maintenance-free joint bearings. Only anti-friction bearings with rolling element rollers are used which are characterized by maximum wear resistance, the best torque capacity and a long service life.
• Made in Germany, design, construction and manufacturing in-house.