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Kempf  has been producing joint shafts for industry, commercial vehicles and maritime propulsion. The production program includes joint shafts in the range of 2500 Nm to 225000 Nm, as well as joint assemblies, articulated joints, special tools and devices for dismantling. The  company, based in Gersfeld/ Rhön, has been certified according to DIN ISO 9001, DIN EN 15085 – 2 and DIN EN 3834 – 2 since 1997.

Through the use of a qualified and motivated team as well as a flexible machine park, we are always able to meet customer requirements reliably and at short notice. The close cooperation with our customers is always a new challenge to us, which we approach competently and innovatively.

For new developments Kempf uses state-of-the-art computer-assisted calculation and design methods. The finite element analysis as well as the vibration simulation are to be mentioned. With these methods it is possible to optimize components already in the design phase for the customer-specific application. The calculation methods used in our company are also available as a service if necessary. Joint shafts require high precision and operational reliability.

We ensure the reliability of our products through precise manufacture and constant quality control. Kempf joint shafts are characterized by reliability, durability and low maintenance.

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Balancing and adapter flanges

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drive shafts

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Flange joints

Joint shafts without length compensation, double flange joints and H double joints always have a fixed overall […]

H-double joint

H-double joints always have a fixed overall length L or LF, which also corresponds to the operating […]

Inermediate bearings and bearing blocks

For constructive reasons, it is possible to use an articulated shaft (pump shafts) with more than two […]

Pump shaft

When designing pump shafts, not only the torques to be transmitted, but also any bending and torsional […]

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Kempf: Your reliable partner when it comes to joint shafts

New and repaired:

Kempf  has been manufacturing articulated shafts for commercial vehicles, ships and industrial applications for the world’s needs. The joint shaft program covers an arc of 2500 Nm – 225000 Nm and is characterized by maintenance-free as well as low-maintenance joint assemblies, which are manufactured at the Gersfeld location. Kempf provides a comprehensive range of parts for repair and replacement. Many customers from the region have already been able to see the performance and flexibility of the company.

Whether truck, wind turbine, water mill, ship, paper machine, rolling mill or vintage car; At Kempf you are right. All parts are also manufactured in small series and delivered directly to the end user. The production takes place in original equipment quality
-Made in Germany-.

Kempf has been certified according to EN ISO 9001-2015 and has proven the qualification for the welding of rail vehicle parts according to DIN 15085-2 (CL1).


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Industrial mechanics Specialist in industrial engineering Industrial mechanics are the experts when it comes to the construction, […]

We produce our u-joints for the long run:

• Made from quality raw material of certified forging,
• between tips during turning and grinding,
• with minimal shape error and low surface roughness (Rz 1.5μm),

• with optimally matched fits,
• with quality bearings from the leading manufacturers,
• with high performance lubricants from Fuchs and Shell,
• also in maintenance-free design in all sizes (Ø35mm – Ø130mm).

Only the consideration of the mentioned points ensures a long service life and a trouble-free operation of your joint shaft.